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I have loads to say about Elevation to Life. We all pursue our advance and complex life routines at a very fast pace. In all this, we sometimes even forget about various other things which are essential or vital to us. Considering this and various other associated factors, I started this journey of my Blog "Elevation to Life". I am confident and clear in my vision. About what I want my readers to know and understand, to bring a gradual and powerful transformation in their lives by just sticking around and holding my hand. But the fact of the story is that, it's not at all about me. About what I think or what I believe. Beyond it what matters to me, is my readers. It's you, your life, your problems & concerns, and the solutions to them. It's about how happy or satisfied you are, how healthy and fit you are. It's about you to stand tall and proud outside the doors irrespective of your gender, irrespective of where you are from, how you look and how much money you mint!!

Anurag Singh
Anurag SinghBlog Owneranuragsingh@elevationtolife.in
“Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving. You don’t have forever." — Leo Buscaglia

Come on, let me ask you a few questions. And you make a pinky promise that you would be honest to yourself and then me, for the answers. For a moment ask yourself:

  • Is your life going the way, you wanted it to be?
  • Have you lost someone and missing his presence in this ruthless course of life?
  • Do your personal relationships always run smooth and healthy?
  • Don't you have any regrets about your past?
  • Have you grown fat and your belly is growing up in its own world?
  • Want to hit the gym and stay fit, but procrastinate most often?
  • Are you going under stress and have anxiety issues?
  • Want to become a glass cracking material when you step out without losing much on the pocket?
  • What to wear when you are going (i) there and (ii)there and (iii)there?
  • Want to develop best practices of Savings and investing your hard earned money?

and so on & on & on.

I guess by now you must have got a pretty idea of the issues & problems, wishes & desires, uncertainties & confusions, we all and not just you, are surrounded with.


What my Readers will achieve?


  • "Elevation to Life" is my attempt to make my readers more self-conscious, focused and productive in the key spheres of their life.
  • To equip them with the means to combat problems & difficult times, overcome hurdles, life brings to us on our way.
  • To make the readers understand the importance of a healthy mind and body, cleansed breath & soul.
  • To make them aware of the best trends. Be it dresses or accessories, cosmetics or makeup skills and the way to carry the self like a fashion statement.
  • To make them learn and execute best money savings and investments practices with the most crucial learnings of Personal Finance.


All this will keep coming to you through my content regularly. So, make a pinky promise once more for sticking around and holding my hand.

I summed up all of my aforementioned thoughts and started penning down onto few areas. The areas we all think about, we all care about, or around what our life revolves either knowingly or unknowingly. My effort here in front of you as "Elevation to Life".

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