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Mobility for the Digital Generation

Understanding the magnitude and significance of digital mobility for the present world and generations upcoming.

The Big Change

If we just look back into the past 15 years for a moment, we would realise that how the technology and the digital world around us has skyrocketed. This advancement in the growth of the digital world is picking up acceleration every day. From the times when people used to send ravens for sending information, to the present day when the majority of the tasks of our daily life can be accomplished just by a few touches on our mobile phone touch screens, the world has seen how immensely the digital world has evolved. And we humans are generations by generations adapting it in our lives.

Facts and Numbers Speak Louder

According to the ‘We are Social 2019-Hootsuite’ report, a renowned social media management platform, the average time an internet user spends online is more than 6.5 hours each day. This means the world’s digital community will spend a combined total of 1.2 billion years using the internet in 2019. Mobile users have grown 100 million over the past year in the world. In India, there are about 310 million active social media users. All this data and facts manifest the plethora this generation is involved in to seek mobility and run their lives better than ever before.

mobility digital

Various tech companies and enterprises including Google are already working on building applications and programs. The line between different workspaces – office, home or social circles and mobile phones is getting blurred.

Mobility an Asset

Smartphones have become so enabled that a visually-impaired person can Google up his search query just by inputting his natural speech and can hear to his desired results. Booking Cabs at the doorstep while sitting inside our four walls of office or home, ordering food, getting medicines, groceries, booking movie tickets, banking needs, education, OTT entertainment and many more amazing services are available at just a few strokes on our mobile phones.

Artificial Intelligence and lanes of Natural Language processing are growing at a fast speed contributing to the solutions of various problems of the human race. With the advent of voice search, Google not only can set your alarms, navigates you to a location or make calls but also talks on your behalf to whatever contact you want it to do so as per the latest release by the Google CEO Sundar Pichai in one of his Annual tech-meets recently.

High is the need Today, Higher will be Tomorrow

Backed by the Hootsuite report, around98 million (+21.1%)  internet users have been added up over the last year in India. This suggests the obvious consumption of digital services opening doors to companies and enterprises in different associated domains.

Life has become inconceivable without digital mobility for this generation growing up in this digital landscape. Calling this generation as digital natives would not be exaggerating for anyone at all. Digital is their language of choice. They speak digital as their first language, unlike previous generations for whom digital was a second language. Considering the scope and the magnitude of the necessities, this world and its present and upcoming generation would be quenched with more advanced digital mobility at this current pace. Thus, making mobility in digital spaces paramount for the digital generation.

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