When we all stood as brothers this Ramzan

A beautiful and overwhelming experience I had in this holy month of Ramzan.

Ramzan is the holiest month for Muslims. It is the ninth month in the Muslim lunar calendar. Every year, Muslims around the world fast during daylight hours. Fasting in Ramzan is done from dawn until dusk. This includes abstaining from drinking, eating, immoral acts and anger. Acts of worship such as prayer, reading the Quran and charity are encouraged during the period.

During the holy month, Muslims wake up early for a pre-dawn meal called suhoor (Saheri). And at dusk break their fast with a meal referred to as iftar.

It is common for the Muslim people and communities to host large iftars, especially for the poor and needy. One of the great Islamic belief, generosity, inspires and teaches the people to share food, invite guests over for iftar. And on the similar beliefs and principles, very recently on 19th May 2019, I was invited by one of my old school colleague Muhammad Jamal Khan for iftar on my desire to join all and volunteer my services. The iftar party was organised by the volunteers of WORK Charitable Trust – Delhi Chapter. WORK stands for ‘World Organisation of Religions and Knowledge’ and is a body that works towards different humanitarian and Social work responsibilities including the promotion of correct knowledge towards faith, promotes harmony, brotherhood, and help & support for the needy people.

It was around 10 years after our school days got over when we both saw each other once again at the iftar party on 19th May 2019 at Ashoka Park, Near New Friends Colony, New Delhi.

Actually a day before in the evening of 18th May, I was sitting writing an article. In between just to take a break, I started scrolling the feeds of Facebook on my mobile phone. While scrolling I saw Jamal’s post inviting people irrespective of their faith, religion, colour, caste, race or language for iftar on 19th i.e the next day. Such great intentions and tendencies of someone really fascinate me. It creates an urge in me to contribute for all such good causes since always. And so, at the same moment, I expressed my desire through a comment.

ramzan jamal conversation

Next day on 19th, I reached well on time as mentioned in the Facebook post. Jamal was busy in the food distribution to the poor in some nearby area. He is a very hard working and really contributing member of a Social Welfare Community ‘One Way Trust’. As Jamal was occupied, I was received by one of his friend Zaid. A very decent guy who just completed his Bachelor’s Degree Course and got nice job placement in a good Company. After talking for a few minutes we went on our course for spreading the word and invitation for iftar party in Ashoka Park. I met all other team members and people who came for volunteering like me. Apart from Zaid, there was Fuzail, Mohsin and many others. We all met each other with smiles, handshakes and asked for each other’s well-being.

Later on, along with others, I got busy in preparations like arranging fruits, storing water, seating arrangements, etc. I was enjoying my tasks and at the same time was talking and laughing with others as if I know all of them for years. It was a great feeling actually. Then after a few minutes came Jamal. We handshakes and exchanged each other’s well-being. After a small chit chat of old memories, we got involved in the work again.

Finally, at around 6:30 pm, people started coming for iftar in numbers. Be it of any religion or faith, poor or rich, child or aged, all were welcome equally to iftar. While there was still time for iftar, few of the team members were addressing the people on the mic with beautiful messages of brotherhood, love, compassion and unity. Invitees were explained by them in such a meaningful and simple way as if any of your family members explain you something for your good.

At exact 7:08 pm, the time came to break the day’s fast. It was a spectacular view to see around 500 diverse people sitting together started eating food with love and brotherhood spread all over. A perfect example as an illustration of the meaning Ramzan carries. I also started by eating dates and fruit and continue watching all of them.

I served food and sweet syrups to everyone along with others. All ate satisfactorily as per their appetite. After finishing, people left their plates and glasses as told. Later on, all team members and volunteers including me cleaned and disposed of all the waste, to leave the park neat and clean.

Such things really give you a lot of inner happiness and joy. The feeling of doing something good for people, for humanity irrespective of their religion or faith, colour or caste, language or origin. Treating everyone fair.

Though we are the children of the same parent but over years and centuries, wrong differences have been created by the wrong people. When God never differentiates between anyone for providing sunlight, water or air then who are we humans to segment or differentiate it for whatsoever purposes.

This is how equality and brotherhood prevails. This is what a remarkable example I tried picturing of my wonderful experience in this holy month of Ramzan.

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Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad

Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so good that I never stop myself to say something about it.
You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

Faisal Qasim
Faisal Qasim

Very well documented. Enjoyed reading it thoroughly. People cannot claim to be religious if they aren’t human first. We need more people like you. Love from another brother 🙂


Very enlighting brother

Azeem Ali khan
Azeem Ali khan

What a beauty you wrote brother❤️

Jamal Khan
Jamal Khan

Bhai aapney bahot zada izzat baksh di, hum itni tareef k kabil Kahan
Yeh toh ishwar ne zimmedari de rakhi hai hamai aur Jo hum Kar rahe hain woh sirf dusro ka haq hai Jo hum un Tak pohcha rahey hai.

Jazakallah khair for such a wonderful blog I am overwhelmed.

Very soon will contact you for our 3rd drive for distribution of food packets.
Once again I appreciate your wonderful gesture.