hair colours trending

Hair Colours trending this Season

Want to update your look in one way or the other? Already you are done with dresses & accessories? A calculated experiment? Okay. Let’s talk about hair colours then. Your hair is your first style statement and thus choosing the right hair colour which is suiting and trendy at the same time is important for you. I have listed a few hair colours that can add glitters to your beauty are really trending.

hair colours trending this season
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Let’s dive beauty!! Find exciting and trendy hair colours this season you can wear on.

Chestnut Brown

chestnut brown hair colour
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Chestnut brown is one of the trending shade of brown. The golden tones work extremely well with olive, cool, and warm skin tones alike. This colour would present you as gorgeous and chic to the world. If you are looking for a natural and pulsating colour, this can be the one for you.

Honey Bronde

honey bronde hair colour

This hair colour looks awesome on girls with fine and straight hair. The highlights of honey add volume as well as texture to the beautiful brown undertones. This bronde style works amazingly with light brown skin tones between pale and dark. It’s the best colour to go for if you have been thinking of transit from a dark colour to a light one or vice versa.

Baby Blonde

baby blonde hair colour

It is the perfect hair colour for women with fair complexions and lighter eyes. Glamourous and just simple elegance, are the right words that come to mind when you look at this colour.

Chocolate Brown and Copper 

Chocolate Brown and Copper hair colour

This hair colour goes really well on voluminous hair and of good length. The chocolate brown colour with the highlights of copper makes the look marvellous.

Glazed Hazelnut

glazed hazelnut hair colour

This is a sort of golden hair colour which is a perfect blend of warm and cool tones. It complements almost any skin type. The warm tones in combination with the cool ones make it a shade which anyone can choose without much thought process.


rosegold hair colour

A shimmering blend of pink, blonde and red to create this look is great for those who want to transition from a dull look to something vibrant and new. If paired with a trendy short or mid-length bob cut for women, this look adds depths to hair that is fine and thin.

Simple Precautions before and after your hair colour

Before the hair colour:

The golden rule of the hair colour holds true regardless of the season. Before you decide any hair colour to wear on I implore you to take into consideration the condition of your hair. Is it dry? Brittle? or highly damaged?

If your hair is dry or brittle, then deep condition them for a few weeks. You can also go for moisturizing treatments and hot oil treatments.

Visit a good salon if you find your hair highly damaged. Get the hydration treatment for them.

Once your hair is healthy, radiant and in good condition you can go forward for your chosen hair colour.

After the hair colour:

Once you are done with your hair colour it becomes important for you to protect the longevity of this new hair colour.

Use products specially formulated to use for the colour treated hair. This includes Shampoos, Conditioners and styling products.

Don’t over shampoo your hair. Limit the frequency of your hair wash sessions. Use conditioner every time you use shampoo to protect the longevity of your hair colour.

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