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Wear Business Casuals this way to beat the heat this Summer

Handling your business casuals dress code becomes almost impossible with this extreme summer approaching and progressing day by day. I understand how it feels to bring out a balance in everything at your work with clothes clasping you from inside like anything. The frozen-sweat effect when going in and outside of conditioned buildings and offices frequently can really be unhealthy. And the cherry on the cake, what about the annoying suspicion on yourself of being “stinky” just ten minutes after your morning shower?

This thought came across my mind and after a bit of my research, I started penning down a few ideas and advice for you on what to wear as business formals to keep you cool and at the same time trendy at your workplace.

In winters, we wait for the sun to come out of the clouds & fog to give us that cosy warmth. But just after a certain time, we find ourselves packing up our woollens, blankets and quilts to dump them in some corner of our house.

I have noticed while browsing n number of channels and sources, the level of frustration women goes through on deciding their business casuals and make their wardrobe ideal for the season.

Well as a professional you are representing your company and its core values. And that’s why you have to stick to the few rules as you can’t go out there in the middle with your tees and shorts on and say to your boss “Today’s its too hot John. Come on, let’s grab a beer.” Hahaha…Yes, you cannot, unless you are dying to get an ‘asked to leave’ letter from your HR.

business casuals
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Which lady in this world doesn’t want to get compliments from her colleagues. A Universal fact. I know!! Good office wears or business casuals boost your self-esteem and soar it high. Wearing something smart, work appropriate, and trendy at the same time can spark up your personality.

Long gone are those times when women used to choose between wearing sarees or salwar suit to work. The world is different today. Now, Indian women are experimenting with their office looks and want to look stylish no matter what. Hey, I know you already score 10/10 in whatever you wear, but if you want to resort to some other ideas regarding your office wear or business casuals, I have brought to you few ideas and tips which will tempt you to experiment a bit more and add to your wardrobe collection of professional yet stylish and trendy office wear. And you will feel fresh like a rosebud all day long.

Simple Rules for your Business Casuals

Go for Unlined Outerwear

I know for those of you, whose office dress code includes your office blazer can’t give up on it directly. But here is the simple trick to rejig your office dress code. Let’s make it more comfortable and dry during the summer.

There are obviously high chances that the fabric of your blazer lining has a high percentage of acrylic tissue. So, wearing lined clothes is like wearing two additional layers on your top. And thus making a total of 3 layers on your bust and arms instead of two!!

So, business casual women, now would you call it right clothing for summer?

Unlined blazers generally have softer lines, due to their lighter weight. So, they’ll help you to stay comfortable and trendy under the midday heat.

Wear Natural fabrics

When you have to simultaneously deal with the dress code and hot climate, opt for natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, summer cashmere and natural woven fabrics.

In some cases, like for linen clothes which tend to wrinkle easily, a good blend of natural and acrylic will make them more enjoyable and polished.

Wear Light Colours

Your wardrobe for business casuals is not supposed to be built around only regular colours like black, navy blue and red.

In summer go for lighter colours. The surface of light colour clothes reflects the sunlight heat instead of absorbing it. Choose neutral colours for your outerwear so you can juggle with the colours of shirts and tops. Two to three neutral blazers or suits would be enough to allow you to create different outfits.

Imagine you have 3 mismatching suits in your wardrobe. No worries you can convert them into 9 basic combinations to play with adding different tops, shoes and accessories. Isn’t it great?

Wear Soft and Wide Clothes

Here I’m talking about high waist, sleek and polished palazzo pants, wide leg pants or straight leg pants. These options look amazing on business casuals for women summer outfits.

If they’re made of fine cotton blends or crape fabric, you would be the perfect looking woman. And representing what summer business casuals should be.

Choose your footwear wisely

business casuals Choose your footwear

Try that you can always go for elegant perforated shoes for the office no matter whether you love tiptop heels or your flats, you’ll always have your feet breathing, and you’ll also be looking amazing and stunning!!

Little Tricks as extras for office going women

Be Well Groomed

Give some time to yourself every weekend for grooming. Go for a pedicure, manicure, waxing and eyebrow tweezing. Brush and floss your teeth before leaving for work. Always use a mouthwash to kill the chances of bad breath.

Hydrate with thermal water

Your face must get baked up in this hot summer. And obviously, you can’t simply go and wash your face with your make up on. So what to do?

Keep thermal water with you always. It’s highly hydrating, gives a very fresh feeling and dries in a moment without ruining your makeup. Buy one today. You can find it on any relevant nearby store.

Minimal on Accessories and Makeup

Always avoid applying loud makeup or using accessories with your business suit like heavy jewellery. Instead of going with the tone, it will ruin your overall look. So be a minimalist when it comes to your makeup and accessories while at work.

Wear Clothes That Fit You Well and are well ironed

It goes without saying that you must wear well-ironed clothes first. And second, the clothes which are neither too tight nor too loose for you. I am sure you are smart & intelligent in this aspect.

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